Considering Brothers and Sisters was the first album I owned, I feel qualified to give my review of Wasted Words. I thought they were fantastic. I heard many compliments and the band was extremely gracious and played well to the crowd. ”

— Local Casino Cabaret manager

Anyone interested in the Allman Brothers Music should take the opportunity to catch one of their shows, it was amazing”

— Guest at a past show

Wasted Words

Wasted Words was formed in 2013 from a passion for the Allman Brothers Band and their music. From the signature guitar harmonies, soulful lyrics and vocals to the classic tone of the Hammond B3. 
From outdoor festivals, local music venues such as Bakes Place, The Highway 99 Blues Club, to a full theater show with a liquid art display backdrop, we're excited to bring the best Allman Brothers expierence each time we perform. 


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