We did this show on Friday April 27th 2018 at the Highway 99 Blues Club. It was a huge success so we will add this to our list of shows we will do periodically.  Most of the material is off the Duane Allman Anthology allowing us to stay true to our Allman Brothers roots. Below is the promotional info for the show and a clip of Wilson Pickett’s Hey Jude.


You may be asking yourself, Isn’t Wasted Words is An Allman Brothers Cover/Tribute?
And yes we are. But when we were approached about doing the music of Muscle Shoals, we were honored and excited to do this upcoming show for a number of reasons. 

We were honored because we were entrusted to put  together such a cool show saluting the music from one of the most influential recording areas in the country that has given us so many legendary artists and songs which have stood the test of time. And we get to play the part of the Swampers, the terrific behind the scene studio musicians that helped create the signature Muscle Shoals Sound. 

But what does this have to do with the Allman Brothers you ask? Here’s a short rundown. 
In late 1968, before the inception of the Allman Brothers  Band, Duane Allman was between bands and moved to the Muscle Shoals area where he became a studio musician at Rick Hall’s FAME Studios, (he had recorded at FAME with Gregg and their group Hour Glass earlier that same year). Duane continued as a studio player at FAME and the other local studio Muscle Shoals Sound Studio up to the time he formed the Allman Brothers Band.
Word soon got out of the music coming from these two studios by artists such as Percy Sledge, Clarance Carter, Boz Scaggs, John Hammond Aretha Franklin and so many more that Muscle Shoals became the place to be if you wanted to record your music. To this day FAME Studios is still going strong. 

This is the exciting part for us, it brings us full circle as we get to play some pre Allman Brothers music with the signature Duane influences as well as songs from other artists who recorded in a region he helped put on the map. 
And before his passing last year, Gregg Allman recorded his last album Southern Blood at FAME which was released last fall.