Our Story

Wasted Words is a Seattle based Allman Brothers Tribute Band.  

 We are a group of local musicians with different musical backgrounds including Rock, Blues, Classical, Jazz. The one thing we have in common is our desire to play the music of the Allman Brothers Band. While on the surface their music seems simple, it is in fact a a complex blend of many different styles. if you listen closely you'll hear everything from Bobby Blue Bland to Miles Davis and everything in between. (Part's of the song Dreams were influenced by Davis' modal playing on Kind of Blue and the soundtrack to 2001 A Space Odyssey)  In listening to their early work, from a musician's stand point, it's amazing how advanced their music was for their young age.  Musically, they were light years beyond many of their counterparts of that era. While the Allman Brothers were called a Jam Band, they were really a band that jammed. All that time spent together resulted in what we have listened to over the years.

In addition to the passion we have for the music, it's uncovering the many layers, learning and understanding of the Allman Brothers Band music that has brought us together. it's our goal to bring everything they did and play it for you you in a manner that excites and moves you the way they did to so many people for 45 years.

You can find all our upcoming events here on our site and on Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Wasted-Words/19031553111917

For booking info drop us an email:  WastedWordsInfo@fastmail.com

We look froward to playing for you.